Mortgages – Compare loans for houses 2018

Mortgage is a mortgage simply. The difference is that a mortgage is for a house and not for an apartment. Then mortgages can be for both house and apartment. And these two loans differ a lot.

That is why we have divided them and call them mortgages. Housing loans are also a collective name for both types of mortgages. So if it is for a house you are going to borrow then you know we call it a mortgage. Which, sadly, far from everyone does, but summarizes it to just mortgage.

Find the best mortgage

Find the best mortgage

Find the best mortgage loan by comparing. You should always compare when you are going to borrow money and it is extra important when you are going to take a big loan for a house. There is a lot of money to save.

Want to see all other mortgages in the list? Take a look under all the loans where we have lined up all in one place.

Mortgages are mortgages to houses

Yes, that’s what we call mortgage lending. For that, some differ in terms of home loans and apartment loans. Therefore, we distinguish these by having a guide just for house loans. So if you are looking for a loan for a villa then you can read through this page.

So you can save money


You can save a lot of money by comparing loans and, above all, mortgages that often extend over many years. Then one percent can be a lot of money.

What is the difference between home loans and mortgages?

Answer: We have chosen to divide mortgages into housing loans, and we have done this because a loan to a tenant-owner and a loan to a villa differ slightly. So Mortgage is a loan to all housing and mortgages to a villa.

Can You Take A Mortgage For An Apartment?

Can You Take A Mortgage For An Apartment?

Answer: No, there is a difference between loans for a house and an apartment, and that is what you should read about before choosing to buy a house.

These are a list of what guides we write about Mortgages in. We have listed them here without mutual arrangement.

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Summary of Mortgages


Mortgages are a sub-category of mortgages. In mortgages, we take out all loans for a home. While mortgages are only mortgages to houses. A villa thus. We have chosen to divide it so that it differs quite a bit between borrowing for an apartment and borrowing for a house. And that’s what this page is about.

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